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Serving Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, & More.

Our main goal is to always be an advocate for the bees. We strive for a high level of customer satisfaction with our honesty, the services and products that we provide, and quality of our work. We provide education about bees to the communities, showing people how bees are really the back bone of our environment and agriculture. One step at a time, we have fueled our growth since we began our adventure in January, 2019.  Please visit our blog where we plan to talk about how this small family business got started, and where we will also provide an in-depth look into each of our bee rescues. As a responsible, eco-friendly business, we’re committed to keeping bees in their natural habitat in a local and sustainable way. Check out the rest of our site to learn about our initiatives and our products.

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Humane Bee Removal

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We serve all of Southern California, and even some of Northern California. We are even willing to travel to neighboring states depending on the job, such as Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona.

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From Past Bee Rescues


Let me just say, Job Well Done. A huge thank you to both Aaron and Jessica for the amazing job! We had so many bees and now they have been relocated and we got a jar of honey too! They cleaned up the huge mess the bees made as well!!

Excellent prices on bee removal. and delicious honey!

Hollandsworth Honey helped us with removing a bee hive from our shed that had been there for a couple of years. They relocated the bees safely, which was very important to me, as I know bees are endangered. Our shed is now bee free, and at a very reasonable price! Thank you for all the help!!

Great service and excellent price. We highly recommend their service.

Came out were very nice and professional. Checked all my trees for bees. Would definitely recommend.

These two did two roof removals for me.  One hive was on top of garage next to our rental house in Phelan.  The other was on a second floor tile roof with a hive that's been there for 10 years, from my other rental down the hill.  The Hollandsworths did a great job and their prices are very good.

Joseph Melgard


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