The San Bernardino Bee Keepers

How We Came To Bee

Hollandsworth Honey L.L.C. was founded in 2019 when a passion project turned into a small business. Our buzzing community of bees and humans produces an impressive line of quality products, and we’re just getting started!

Propolis, honey, beeswax, and more are on our agenda for the near future. Every single product we plan to sell is healthy, locally-produced and super fresh. The honey we sell is raw and unfiltered. Our team members are enchanted by the world of honey bees, and committed to raising awareness about the importance of this special pollinator.

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Aaron and Jessica Hollandsworth

About The Owners

At only 25 and 26, respectively, Aaron and Jessica Hollandsworth bought a small 2 1/2 acre ranch in the High Desert of Southern California. This was their first house. Soon after, both left their 50+ hour jobs to start their own businesses. After discovering a hive of honeybees on their property, they began Hollandsworth Honey, L.L.C. with the intention of helping others like them who had a bee infestation.

The Hollandsworths have been applauded again and again by clients and others due to the company's strict policy of using humane methods when working with bees. Word quickly spread, and the dynamic duo has completed removals all over Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties. In fact, the two have even received inquiries from people located in Northern California and other states.


Bee who you want to bee.



The Honey Bee Team

Working Together for a Better Environment


Jessica Hollandsworth

CFO, Chief Beekeeper

An agriculturalist, Jessica has an undying passion for the bees. Jessica currently has Degrees in Agriculture Business, Animal Science, and Equine Science. She plans on continuing her agriculture education, both in and out of the classroom.

Jessica is always active and working on the property in some fashion or another, whether it be caring for her horses, planting, watering, or beekeeping.

Jessica truly believes there is always something to learn, and she has recently began real estate school so that she may obtain her license and help others find their dream homes.

Jessica was adopted, along with her older half-sister, out of the foster program. Luckily, she went to a loving family. Because of her past, she has decided to help other foster kids in any way possible. She and Aaron are working on starting a program at Hollandsworth Movie Ranch where foster youth may visit and learn about multiple topics, such as beekeeping, equestrianism, and agriculture. The plan involves creating a non-profit organization and acting as a medium for donations to foster and adoption programs.

Aaron Hollandsworth

CEO, Chief Beekeeper

Not only is Aaron passionate about bees, he is also enthusiastic about the operational side of the farm. After purchasing Hollandsworth Movie Ranch and finding a hive of bees in a guest house wall, Aaron quickly turned a perceived problem into a business opportunity, and simultaneously learned to help other homeowners, business owners, and more. Educating others on the importance of bees and caring for the bees have always been the values that Aaron prioritizes. In a nutshell, Aaron is a problem solver and an effective contributor to agriculture.

Aaron also runs a video production business called "On The Brink Entertainment". He produces independent television content, music videos, promotional videos, and more.

Aaron's little brother, Tyler, was adopted from a very young age. This, along with Jessica's time in foster care, has spurred his interest in assisting Jessica with creating a foster youth program to help those in foster care as well as those who are foster alumni. The goal of the program is to educate foster youth about beekeeping, creating businesses, producing television and film content, and more.


Isaac Wilf

President of Marketing

Isaac Wilf has a variety of experience working in a marketing capacity at startups. First, as a music marketing consultant he was able to garner 100s of thousands of song plays across Apple Music and Spotify. He has worked with some of the most innovative technology companies such as Workday, Anaplan, and AppZen during his tenure at Captive Eight where he delivered value through focused face-to-face marketing events. Most recently, he leads a team of BDRs at Tapcheck to create new business opportunities in the financial wellness space.

Isaac chose to work with Hollandsworth Honey because of the stellar service that they are known to provide their customers, and how much the business has grown just from word of mouth. Removing bees humanely is important because bees pollinate our crops and other plants that support local wildlife. He looks forward to spreading the word further so that everyone in the Greater Los Angeles area will be aware of the delicious honey and humane beehive removal options through Hollandsworth Honey.