Honey Bee Rescues

Hollandsworth Honey L.L.C. began when Aaron and Jessica Hollandsworth found a beehive located in a wall of their guest house, located on the property of their first purchased home.  Aaron immediately took interest and began researching beekeeping and bee removal.  As he studied, it occurred to him that they could just remove the bees themselves. Jessica agreed, and the two bought all the tools necessary for extraction. Soon after, the couple learned of others in the area who needed bees removed. Despite the stings, the duo loved every minute of their work. After some time, the Hollandsworths attended social events where they found others who were interested in learning more about bees and their functions in agriculture.

During the hottest times of the year, you might catch Aaron and Jessica on top of roofs, in attics, under crawl spaces, or any other place where a hive of honeybees might make home. Not any two bee hives or removals are the same, and they may take anywhere between thirty minutes and five days. The two have even worked with clients with four separate hives located in the same building! No job is too big, no problem too difficult.

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